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Are you one of the many business owners that are unclear of the following:

Do you know how to read your very confusing statement?
If you do not understand your statement how do you know what you are paying?

Do you know if you have a good rate?
Let’s confirm it. At EMS we do a side by side comparison with you and explain all charges involved with processing credit cards. It is only a hidden fee if you were never told about it. And in most cases you weren’t told. At EMS it is our practice to explain all charges in detail – line by line. Once you receive your first statement it is our practice to review that statement with you to make sure you understand it and match it to your Merchant Agreement.

Do you know your current equipment situation?
Do you own your terminal, lease, rent or simply do not know?

Do you know if your equipment is up-to-date?
Are you renting an 8 year old terminal with antiquated technology? Did your 48 month lease expire and now you are month to month? We can help.

If you answered No to any of the following questions, Call 1-440-835-2406 and allow any one of our industry experienced consultants answer any questions that you may have.

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